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Israel in preparation for another War with Hezbollah

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News -As the Obama Administration is in preparation for a war in Syria, the state of Israel is deploying an Iron Dome anti-rocket battery to counter Hezbollah’s Katyusha rockets that landed on Israeli territory during the conflict between both Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon back in 2006, which resulted in… (read more)

Can Israel attack Syria over the Golan Heights? IDF Forces Complete Drill for Future War with Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News -Israel is concerned over the Syrian War’s reach into the Golan Heights which they have been occupying since Six-Day War of 1967.  The Golan Heights is a strategic territory for Israel’s security and it is an important source of its water supplies.  An attack on Syria could occur if… (read more)

Aetna to Launch CarePass APP to “Monitor” and “Encourage” Customers Behavior

This week Aetna will launch a smartphone App called CarePass.  CarePass will provide Aetna Inc. with health-tracking data that would allow them to “monitor customers and encourage healthy behavior”.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s magazine MIT Technology Review released a report titled “App Will Let Health Insurer Track Customer Behavior”.  The report said that “A smartphone app that… (read more)

A Brave New World: Preparing Our Children for a National Emergency. New York City Schools to Conduct Yearly “Lockdown Drills”. Training Begins this Summer for School Officials

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – It was reported last month by the New York Daily News that New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott announced that all schools will be required to “conduct lockdown drills each year”. Training will begin this summer according to the report: The policy revealed by Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott… (read more)

America’s Economic War on the People of Iran: Obama Signs Executive Order Targeting Iran’s Currency and Auto Industry

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – The Nobel Peace Prize President recently signed another executive order targeting Iran’s currency, the ‘rial’ due to its nuclear program.  It is intended to make the Iranian people angry at the government for high food prices and an economy that is continuing to stagnate due to numerous sanctions… (read more)