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New Sanctions Begin: South Korea’s Samsung announces its “online store” will not operate in Iran

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – Samsung, the South Korean multinational company headquartered in Seoul just announced that its online store will not operate in Iran as of May 22, 2013.  The Associated Press report titled ‘Samsung to block access to app store in Iran’ that Iranian users of Samsung mobile applications said Thursday that the company had notified them that they will no longer have access to the company’s online store as of May 22.”  Iranian citizens were informed earlier in the week about Samsung’ decision to block access to the app store.  At a Tehran shopping mall, owners of mobile phones and tablets said Thursday that they had received the message via email from the company late the night before. Retailers said they had no power over the decision” the report said.  “The move is seen as part of international sanctions on the country over its disputed nuclear program.”  South Korea has numerous US bases in its territory since the Korean Peninsula had been divided since 1945.  South Korea became a republic in 1948 under Syngman Rhee, an anti-Communist/US ally.  It is one of Iran’s first sanctions imposed by the company since the talks in Kazakhstan failed earlier this month.  More sanctions are expected against Iran in the near future concerning its nuclear program.

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