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Ukraine’s Political Crisis and the Western Media War Against Russia

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – Protests in the Ukraine have come to violence against the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych. The main stream media in the West has criticized Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws and demonized President Vladimir Putin. Pussy Riot returns to the international spotlight.  How do all of these developments occur during the Sochi Olympics which happens to be in Russia? Is it a coincidence? Or has it been orchestrated by the Washington and the European Union during one of the most watched sports events in the world?

The Ukrainian revolution that began in the capital city of Kiev is obvious. Right when the Sochi Olympics is taking place, an orchestrated plan was put in motion in an effort to destabilize the Ukraine and replace President Viktor Yanukovych with a Western friendly government, a new Ukrainian government that would enter the European Union (EU) as a member state. President Yanukovych refused to enter the EU and agreed to align his government towards Russia which made more sense, after all Europe is having serious financial problems within the union. Last December, Russian President Vladimir Putin came to an agreement with the Ukrainian government for an economic boost with a $15 billion loan and discounted gas prices for the Ukraine’s struggling economy. An Obama administration official, Victoria Nuland who made international headlines recently, has had a number of Ukrainian government officials in mind that would manage the Ukrainian government in accordance to Washington and Brussels demands. The US State Department and non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) funded by Washington and the EU planned regime change.  That would pose a clear danger to Russia’s backyard. It would allow Washington to establish a military base in the Ukraine just like they did in Kosovo, part of the former Yugoslavia that had close ties to Serbia. Serbia was destroyed by NATO under Washington’s orders. Then Camp Bondsteel was built for the US Army and it is used today as a headquarters for NATO forces on Russia’s door step.

The Ukraine would not benefit if they joined the EU as they would most likely experience an even worst economic situation. Just look at what happened to Greece, Spain, Portugal and other EU member states facing severe austerity measures.  In some countries within the EU, there is 40% youth unemployment rates, rising crime rates, a declining health care system, underfunded education systems, banks are not lending money to buy a house or start a business and the rents are skyrocketing.  So why would the Ukrainian people want to join the EU in the first place? The opposition is funded and paid for by the West to impose a new government that is Western friendly so that U.S. and EU banks and corporations can monopolize on land, businesses and other assets of the Ukrainian people.

Russia’s Gay Propaganda Laws and the Rest of the World

There are multiple fronts the West is using against Russia. Let’s talk about Russia’s Anti-Gay Rights laws. A draft law was introduced that resulted in administrative liabilities and fines of up to a million rubles or US $30,000 for promoting homosexuality among children. More than 88% of the Russian people agree with the law which is aimed at protecting children.

Several countries in Africa and the Gulf States have Anti-Gay laws that can imprison a person for life or have a death sentence imposed on someone for being gay or lesbian. According to the Irish Times, a headline titled ‘Loud applause by Ugandan officials as president signs new anti-gay law’ reported that Uganda signed a law imposing life-sentences for “Aggravated Homosexuality”:

Uganda’s president signed a law today (MON) imposing harsh penalties for homosexuality. 

The new bill strengthened existing punishments for anyone caught having gay sex, imposing jail terms of up to life for “aggravated homosexuality” – including sex with a minor or while HIV positive. It criminalised lesbianism for the first time and made it a crime to help individuals engage in homosexual acts. Gay rights activists in Uganda said they planned a legal challenge.

Ugandan officials broke into loud applause as president Yoweri Museveni put his signature to the document in front of foreign journalists at his State House outside the capital. “There’s now an attempt at social imperialism, to impose social values. We’re sorry to see that you (the West) live the way you live, but we keep quiet about it,” he said.

The report also mentioned the Obama’s administration’s reaction with Uganda’s new law.

A senior Obama administration official had said the United States would review relations with Uganda if the law was enacted. Washington is one of Uganda’s largest donors, sending more than $400 million a year

Washington’s main allies in the Gulf States have the worst anti-Gay laws in the world where death penalties and torture for being gay or lesbian are common. Saudi Arabia is an important ally that has an important strategic and economic value that projects US power within the Middle East. Saudi Arabia administers Sharia Law where married men who engage in homosexual acts can actually be stoned to death. Saudi Arabia has the religious police (the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) that on record raided private gatherings to arrest “suspected” homosexuals. According to the Guardian in 2005:

The Saudi Arabian security forces have arrested 110 men at a “gay wedding” party in Jeddah, according to a Saudi online newspaper. Al-Wifaq, which has connections with the interior ministry, said the authorities had raided a wedding hall on Monday night after a tip-off and found the men – all Saudis – dancing and “behaving like women”.

Eighty men were later released, but 30 appeared in a Jeddah court on Wednesday to face charges, the paper said. Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia and is punished by flogging, jail or death. The raid was made a day after two men described as gay lovers were executed at Arar, in the north of the kingdom, for allegedly murdering a Pakistani who had found out about their relationship

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is another key ally of Washington where they have statues that make homosexuality punishable by death. In Dubai, homosexuality is punishable with maximum penalty of up to 14 years in prison. In June of 2013, a Belgian man who told the police he was gay was sentenced to a year in prison but later reduced to six months then was deported according to online news source for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community Qatar is another Gulf State and a major ally of the United States and has a number of military bases including the U.S. Central Command’s Forward Headquarters. Qatar has laws that state sex between men can be punishable of up to 7 years in prison. Sharia law for Qatari Muslims can be executed for homosexuality. Will the LGBT community protest Qatar’s anti-gay laws during the World Cup games in 2022 which will be hosted by Qatar? The US has at least 13 states that have anti-gay laws. The US state of Arizona for example, has a new anti-gay bill that is still pending will make it legal for business owners to refuse to sell or provide services to gays and others on religious beliefs.

The point is that many countries around the world have some of the worst anti-gay laws that are punishable by death, torture and even life imprisonment than Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws. It is another way of the West by turning world public opinion against Russia for its alleged human rights abuses concerning the LGBT community.

The Return of Pussy Riot

They are back. One of the most untalented punk rock bands in the world showed up in Sochi performing “Putin Will Teach You to Love Your Motherland” following their hit “Punk Prayer – Mother of God, Chase Putin Away!” that earned them international fame when they were arrested in 2012 for their performance in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Cossacks, a Slavic local community located in parts of Southern Russia and the Ukraine who happen to have a military-style culture throughout their history assists the police to patrol the town used whips and pepper spray on Pussy Riot as they were about to perform their song. NBC news reported the incident “Two members of Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist protest band that gained worldwide attention for opposing President Vladimir Putin, were detained here Tuesday in the biggest political disruption of the Winter Olympics so far.” It did not bode well for Russia’s image when they arrested them the first time giving the Western media ammunition to discredit Russia’s human rights record, although it managed to release them the second time a few hours later.

The Media War on Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Foreign Policy

The American based think tank, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) released an opinion piece called ‘Russia’s Foreign Policy Is Nearing Complete Failure’ about Russia’s foreign policy decisions that the United States and a handful of countries in the European Union disagree with. For starters, Russia’s position on the Syrian conflict where President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov prevented the Obama administration from launching a military strike that would have ignited the Middle East. Reuters quoted Lavrov back in August on the consequences of a Western military intervention. He said that “the use of force without the approval of the United Nations Security Council is a very grave violation of international law.”

The Obama administration was going to violate international law to protect the Syrian people from the Assad government and prevent more bloodshed is absurd. “If anybody thinks that bombing and destroying the Syrian military infrastructure, and leaving the battlefield for the opponents of the regime to win, would end everything – that is an illusion” Lavrov made common sense. A military strike against Syria would have also been a major concern for Iran, Lebanon and for the Palestinians in the Gaza and the West Bank since Netanyahu’s government would have acted upon its enemies militarily if Obama would have ordered a strike. Russia prevented a large scale war. The CFR opinion editorial written by Stephen Sestanovich states that Russia’s standing in the region has faltered, in the Middle East:

Russia’s influence in the Middle East is also declining. Almost three years into the Arab spring, it is on worse terms with nearly all the region’s states. Seen from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Jordan, Israel and Egypt, Moscow’s support for Iran promotes instability. And Russian backing for Syria’s regime evokes genuine anger

Sestanovich asks “Can the rest of us do anything to hasten a Russian reassessment?” he continues his assessment:

Anti-Putin crusading will not help much; to many Russians, it simply confirms he is doing the right thing. But conciliation is not the right response either; it too suggests he is getting results. What Russian policy makers and experts alike should hear from Europe and the US – a message delivered more in sorrow than in anger – is that their foreign policy has gone way off track. Until it rights itself, Russia will have less and less global influence

All of the countries Sestanovich mentions are US-Puppet states while Israel has a strong influence in American politics. Turkey, Egypt (under Mubarak) and the Gulf States has strong ties to Washington. The continued destabilization of Syria by way of the West funding and arming certain rebels has continued to ignite an unstable political situation. Saudi Arabia depends on Washington and Tel Aviv for its political, economic and military assistance in the region. In an opinion editorial in the New York Times called “The Games Putin Plays” shows how the mainstream media portrays Russia’s foreign policy:

The last time geopolitics intruded into an Olympics, during the 2008 Beijing Games, Vladimir Putin was the crisis’s winner: his military delivered a decisive spanking to Russia’s neighbor Georgia, whose government had fatally overestimated the West’s willingness to intervene on its behalf. The mini-war sent a clear message: after a long period of retrenchment, the Russian bear still had an appetite for power politics, and the claws to satisfy it.

Today the Olympics are on Russian soil, and violence is convulsing another nation in Moscow’s traditional orbit. But the crisis in Ukraine is sending a rather different message. So far, events in Kiev have been a lesson in the limits of Russian influence, and the implausibility of Putin’s claim to offer a rival civilizational model to the liberal democratic West.

That such a rivalry is Putin’s goal seems clear enough. After a century in which Russia styled itself a revolutionary power fighting the West’s reactionary capitalists, the former K.G.B. man has sought a return to the ideological role his nation played under the czars — as a conservative bulwark against the West’s revolutionary liberals.

Russia is a clear obstacle to Western dominance of the world. Putin and the Russian government is a force that the West would like to dismantle. Would they succeed? No. Putin and the Russian people would not willingly give up their sovereignty to Western interests.

The Reason Why the West wants Russia under their Control

The truth is that the West wants to dominate Russia. A New World Order where all countries around the world will follow the orders of the Western Imperial powers including the United States, France and Great Britain. Russia is a major obstacle to the Western political and economic elite. To eventually control Russia, then Venezuela (where new opposition protests which most likely have started under Washington’s direction), China, Iran, Syria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua would be an ideal scenario for a world order.

Here is a video from a 2007 conference in Munich where President Vladimir Putin explains what the West wants to accomplish.  It explains why the US and its allies accelerated a multi-front war against Russia especially after Putin called out their diabolical plan.

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