Is World War III Among Us? The Consequence of a US-Israeli War on Iran

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – The Warmongers of Washington and Tel Aviv are intent on starting World War III by attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities if sanctions fail. The US and Israel is considering a “nuclear strike” that will kill tens of thousands of Iranians. This will no doubt cause a World War that will involve many nations. A scenario the world does not want. A nuclear strike would also destroy the environment from the fallout of radioactive material that would spread to neighboring countries. It would cause a tsunami of illnesses that include numerous cancers and genetic mutations that not only effect the populations of the surrounding Arab nations, Israel’s population would also be effected. No one would benefit from a nuclear war. If Israel alone decided to attack Iran, it would be suicide. Iran would respond with a full military attack that would destroy Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities within a week. Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian authority would launch attacks on Israel which would be no surprise. Throughout the Middle East, riots and mass protests would erupt against US supported Monarchies that would lead to possible civil wars within those countries. Russia and China would prepare their forces for a possible attack from US, British and NATO forces. It is certain that Russia would launch military strikes against the US and its allies once Iran is attacked. It is a threat to Russia’s national security because imagine if any country would launch an attack on Canada or Mexico, wouldn’t it be a national security threat to the US? The same observation would be made by the Russian government. China would launch military strikes against Japan and Australia (both US puppet states) if it is attacked since US bases are stationed in both countries. Wall Street would be rattled due to the impact of a World War which would create financial instability. Venezuela would immediately stop exporting its oil to the US as Chavez once promised if any attack on Iran would happen. Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela and Nicaragua would prepare their militaries for a possible war with the US for their support of Iran, Russia and China. Afghanistan and Iraqi militias would attack US bases. In other words, the world would be in chaos.

Is this what Washington and Tel Aviv want? Don’t they understand the consequences of such a war of this magnitude started by either Israel or the United States would cause turmoil throughout the world? Of course they do. They are not stupid. Perhaps, turmoil is what they want to achieve. The United States, Great Britain and Israel want to be the sole powers of the world militarily and economically. If they defeat Russia, China and other governments throughout the world (who want independence from Washington’s imperial policies) then they can control the world’s resources and politics under the Anglo-American establishment along with Israel extending its mini-Empire in the Middle East. But the Consequences would be tragic. War is devastating. A nuclear strike on Iran would be a tremendous crime of epic proportions. Iran does not want war. They are seeking nuclear power for energy and medical purposes. Iran is working with the International Atomic Energy Agency and with the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council with Germany included concerning its nuclear program. Iran signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT which is an international treaty that prevents the spread of nuclear weapons and technology and that promotes cooperation for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. It also promotes nuclear disarmament among countries that have nuclear weapons. Although it would make sense if Iran were to build nuclear weapons to defend themselves since they are surrounded by US bases. However, Iran has not attacked any country in more than 300 years although they did go to war against Iraq. But it is important to remember that the US sponsored Saddam Hussein’s 8-year war against the Ayatollah Khomeini’s post-revolutionary Iran. Israel who has nuclear weapons has not signed the NPT and attacked numerous countries in the Middle East. The Israeli population does not want a war as reported in the Jerusalem Post back in February 29th, 2012 that only 19% would support a Unilateral Strike on Iran. The US is bankrupt with $16 Trillion in debt and counting with more than 700 bases throughout the world. A nuclear strike on Iran would be insane, to say the least. It would cause numerous deaths across the Middle East with the possibility of the war reaching other nations including the United States if China or Russia were to retaliate.

When the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War, both Japanese cities were destroyed causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Below is a graphic cartoon video that is a historical depiction of the after effects of a bomb attack on Hiroshima, as through the eyes of an atomic bomb survivor. It is disturbing image of what a atomic bomb can do. Imagine a nuclear bomb.

The world does not need another war especially with nuclear weapons, it deserves peace. Make no mistake; a nuclear attack on Iran would start World War III with grave consequences. Many people would die. The Iranians would come together as a nation and will fight their enemies to the death. The United States, Great Britain and Israel will be defeated by a world who will no longer accept their reckless foreign policies that seeks to destroy humanity. World War III is upon us. Be prepared for the worst.

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