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Who Is Backing BLM and Antifa? U.S. Protests, Social Justice Billionaires and the Private Foundations linked to Wall Street and US Intelligence

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow NewsAfter the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and their so-called peaceful protests has turned violent.  I am not saying that all of the protesters involved were violent, however, many of the protests across US cities involved bad actors, some were possibly paid provocateurs.  If you have been following BLM and Antifa, then you have witnessed its members violently attacking innocent people with many being seriously injured and  in some cases being murdered.  They forcibly shut down businesses, they  burned cars and private properties while the mainstream-media (MSM) continues their false claims that BLM protests are peaceful.  It is no coincidence that these protests started right before the upcoming presidential elections in November with what I like to call the “corona virus plandemic“, a collapsing economy coupled with a US currency that has lost its value while international tensions in the Middle East and Asia are increasing by the day.  There is a question that needs to be asked, are the BLM and Antifa led-protests about removing President Trump from office?  the short answer is yes.  I also want to point out that there is no comparison between the protests that took place in the 1960’s to the BLM and Antifa (Anti-Fascists) led-protests of today following the murder of George Floyd and others by the police.  As you can see, activism has dramatically changed for the worst.  The turbulent 60’s had the Civil Rights movement, Anti-Vietnam War movement with activists that included returning Vietnam veterans, you had Women’s rights groups, student groups and others who protested against unjust wars, economic exploitation, colonialism, discrimination, poverty, racism and police brutality.  They were many legitimate grassroots movements that at least stood for something, whether you agreed with them or not.  It was sure a different world back then.  Today, billionaire-owned foundations has mastered the science of controlling today’s social justice movements for its own interests including the BLM protests that are inflaming racial tensions across the US.

For an organization who consider themselves to be about social justice, BLM has some disturbing aspects to their agenda.  On their website, under ‘What We Believe’ which is their version of a mission statement, they call for the “defunding” of the police so that they can replace them with community-based organizations.  They also support the disruption of the family unit by declaring that “we dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work “double shifts” so that they can mother in private even as they participate in public justice work.”  BLM’s mission statement also says that “we disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable” which sounds more like an Orwellian plan to destroy the family structure of the human race instead of a revolutionary movement for social justice.  There is no doubt that police shootings of unarmed black men and women across the U.S. is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and urgent reforms of how the police conduct their behavior towards the public is desperately needed, but to “defund” the police in America is unrealistic and dangerous for average citizens who are unable to protect themselves.  It is difficult enough for law-abiding citizens especially in Democrat-run states to legally get a gun permit for self-defense as it is.  It seems that the demands of the BLM and Antifa are solely to create chaos and destruction by trying to impose the most unrealistic demands across US cities and towns as long as Trump is president.

George Soros and his well- known Open Society Foundation has thrown his support for a black-led racial justice agenda into the foreseeable future as the New York Times reported ‘George Soros’s Foundation Pours $220 Million Into Racial Equality Push’ states that The Open Society Foundations, the philanthropic group founded by the business magnate George Soros, announced on Monday that it was investing $220 million in efforts to achieve racial equality in America, a huge financial undertaking that will support several Black-led racial justice groups for years to come.”  To “support several Black-led racial justice groups for years to come” means sowing the seeds of a Soros-backed color revolution in the United States that will create an ever-expanding police state that will pose a danger for the American people and whatever freedoms they have left.  This is what BLM and Antifa led-protests is about, not the “social justice” propaganda the MSM preaches to the public.  The New York Times cited an interview with Patrick Gaspard, the president of the Open Society Foundation who said that “the group believed the investment was about harnessing the momentum toward racial justice, but also giving organizations room to think long-term. Now, he said, is “the moment we’ve been investing in for the last 25 years”.  “There is this call for justice in Black and brown communities, an explosion of not just sympathy but solidarity across the board,” Mr. Gaspard said. “So it’s time to double down. And we understood we can place a bet on these activists — Black and white — who see this as a moment of not just incrementalism, but whole-scale reform.”  Soros and his foundation “have helped answer the question of whether the social justice groups that have dominated the current moment are here to stay.”  The deputy chairman of the Open Society Foundation, Alexander Soros, who is also the son of the billionaire globalist said that “the new investment was a response to a time “for urgent and bold action.”  Interesting words during a time of ongoing protests that has produced destruction in many U.S. cities and small towns and to both small and large businesses (many of them minority-owned businesses) that was the economic engine of these very same communities they claim they are fighting for.

We can look at the history of George Soros’s involvement in organizing revolutions around the world dating back to October 5th, 2000 and his ‘Bulldozer Revolution’ in Serbia that forced President Slobodan Milosevic from power.  In ‘The Seed Money for Democracy’ by the Los Angeles Times described what Soros had achieved, in fact it states that he bragged about it, “It’s an accomplishment that Hungarian-born financier George Soros doesn’t flaunt.  Bragging about it, after all, could just make his global democracy-building mission more difficult.”   Soros played a major role following the overthrow of Milosevic who was the president of Serbia within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia who then became the president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2000.  “His Soros Foundations Network helped finance several pro-democracy groups, including the student organization Otpor, which spearheaded grass-roots resistance to the authoritarian Yugoslav leader” it said.  Velimir Curgus of the Soros’s  network in Belgrade said that “we were here to support the civil sector–the people who were fighting against the regime of Slobodan Milosevic the past 10 years” and that ‘most of our work was undercover.”  The Open Society Foundation  estimates that “it spends about 20% of its roughly $500-million annual budget on programs in the United States.”   The report also said that “Yugoslavia was a case where everything democrats had worried about–extreme nationalism, ethnic conflict, corruption, media controls and bickering among opposition political parties–were at their worst.”  Sounds like what’s happening in the U.S. today, “Yet, just as Soros had calculated, it was a grass-roots surge by strong citizen organizations that won the battle for democracy.”  One other factor that led to anti-Milosevic protests according to the report is that “foreign financial support helped Otpor surreptitiously print about 60 tons of posters and leaflets in the months before the Sept. 24 election that led to Milosevic’s ouster, said Miljana Jovanovic, a student who is one of the movement’s leaders.”  Soros helped fund print media and they even had political ads on television that were anti-Milosevic, “Otpor also ran humorous political ads on municipal television stations controlled by the opposition. One showed a homemaker using an “election” washing machine to get rid of a “Milosevic” clothing stain.”  Years later, George Soros admitted to his involvement in regards to “regime change” in Slovakia, Croatia and Yugoslavia because “it is necessary to mobilize civil society in order to assure free and fair elections because there are many forces that are determined to falsify or to prevent the elections being free and fair.” Soros continued “This is what we did in Slovakia at the time of [Vladimir] Meciar, in Croatia at the time of [Franjo] Tudjman and in Yugoslavia at the time of Milosevic.” Not only is Soros involved in radicalizing societies in the name of regime change for ideal “democratic outcomes”, The Ford Foundation is also a major contributor to the same agenda.  Since its founding, the Ford Foundation had directors and officers who hailed from major corporations, Wall Street and the US government’s intelligence agencies who were interested in changing governments for US special interests and imperial motives.

Since the 1950’s the Ford and even the Rockefeller Foundations had funded many NGO’s including the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and international educational institutions who helped topple democratically elected governments throughout Latin America, the Middle East and elsewhere.  The Ford Foundation originally established by Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company has had a long standing relationship with the military-industrial complex and US intelligence agencies.  In a 2016 article by the Ford Foundation that can be found on their website ‘Why black lives matter to philanthropy’ said that they have partnered with various organizations to help build a solid infrastructure:

By partnering with Borealis PhilanthropyMovement Strategy Center, and Benedict Consulting to found the Black-Led Movement Fund, Ford has made six-year investments in the organizations and networks that compose the Movement for Black Lives. We also seek to complement the important work of philanthropic allies such as the Hill-Snowden Foundation, Solidaire, the NoVo Foundation, the Association of Black Foundation Executives, the Neighborhood Funders Group–Funders for Justice, Anonymous Donors, and many more. As we continue to engage with and learn from the movement, we’re eager to deepen and expand this community of social justice funders. We want to nurture bold experiments and help the movement build the solid infrastructure that will enable it to flourish. As we do so, we believe it’s essential that our funding not dictate or distort the work underway

The Ford Foundation concludes that they will support “visionary leaders” and “organizations that will continue their push for equality and justice for all: 

We’ll provide long-term support to the Movement for Black Lives, so that these visionary leaders and organizations can continue to cultivate and maintain a movement of young black women and men who are pushing through established boundaries as they seek to realize the promise of equality and justice for all. That is what democracy needs to function—and it’s what the Movement for Black Lives is doing

So the visionary leaders the Ford Foundation is seeking are leaders such as Chicago’s Ariel Atkins, a BLM organizer who told NBC Chicago “That is reparations,” after a night of unrest and looting around one of the worst cities in the world, Chicago “Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance. They’re going to get their money back. My people aren’t getting anything.”  Atkins continued “People protest however they need to. People do whatever they need. These businesses have insurance. They can get it all back. We can’t get our lives back once they kill us. We can’t get rid of that trauma once you’ve been attacked by a police officer.”  Or maybe they are looking for BLM members like those in Seattle, Washington where they want people’s homes as a form of reparations.  According to the Washington Times, dozens of members where passing by a neighborhood, one of them shouted “Give up your house,” he said “Give black people back their homes. You’re sitting their comfortably — comfortable as f— as if they didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood. I used to live in this neighborhood and my family was pushed out and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends.”  If this was the vision the Ford Foundation is seeking, then the U.S. has a major problem.

Now it seems that a color revolution is coming to the U.S.  One interesting article from Michael McFaul, President Barack Obama’s former Ambassador to Russia introduced the seven steps to a color revolution in the former Soviet states.  McFaul listed the steps in an academic article for the Journal of Democracy who operates under the International Forum for Democratic Studies.  The journal is under the umbrella of one of the world’s chief ‘regime change’ operators, the infamous National Endowment for Democracy.  So McFaul listed the following steps to which conveniently fit into the chaotic scene the U.S. is now experiencing in its run-up into the November elections.  McFaul says that you need “a semi-autocratic rather that fully autocratic regime”, since Trump was elected, the Democratic Party and the MSM has labeled him a dictator at times, so he is considered a semi-autocratic leader to the establishment.  “An unpopular incumbent,” well there is no surprise as the die-hard liberals and the Democratic establishment absolutely hate Trump since he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.  “A united and organized opposition” look no further than BLM, Antifa and others including the MSM who are committed to removing Trump from office.  “An ability to quickly drive home the point that voting results were falsified”  the Democrats and the MSM are already hard at work claiming that Trump will steal the election since he is opposed to the mail-in ballots.  “Enough independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote”, in this case, the MSM is already on top of this one, however, the difference here is that the MSM especially CNN and MSNBC is funded and controlled by the US intelligence community (mainly the CIA), major-corporations and the Democratic Party.  “A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud,” well, BLM, Antifa and anti-Trump forces are already mobilizing across the U.S. and lastly “divisions among the regimes’ coercive forces” it is well-known that there are many government officials in the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, the Neocons in the Republican party and a handful of top brass in the military want Trump and his administration out of the White House.  It seems that George Soros and the Ford Foundation might get a color revolution on American soil after all.

BLM and Antifa are not a real grassroots movement by any means.  Black lives do matter of course, but so do Palestinian lives, Iraqi lives, Irish lives, Puerto Rican lives, Native-American lives, Jewish lives, Haitian lives, in other words, all lives matter.  After the November elections, Black Lives Matter will be insignificant to the Democratic Party if their nominee Joe Biden wins (or steals) the Presidency.  But if Trump wins, BLM and Antifa will continue to cause havoc across US cities and towns until Trump is removed from office which is one of the main goals of these billionaire-backed foundations who are historically aligned with the Democratic Party.  If BLM and others continue these violent protests against innocent people and businesses, they will eventually face a fed-up population from all walks of life and will protect themselves and their businesses by any means necessary.  Maybe it will lead to a civil war as many people have been talking about for years.  Let’s hope it won’t lead to that scenario because in the end, the U.S. government would get involved and that would lead to martial law and a permanent police state and that is something that the establishment would support, after all that is the intended goal for the globalists who use their philanthropic foundations as a cover to establish a totalitarian police state that will enrich major corporations at the expense of the US population.

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