Will the Unvaccinated Become an Enemy of the State? Close to the Breaking Point of Total Tyranny

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – Fascism has made its way back into Europe as Austria has become one of the first countries in the world to declare war on the unvaccinated as they recently announced that a lockdown will be in place for those who refuse the experimental injections, but they also decided to do the same for the vaccinated resulting in another lockdown of the country. What is concerning is the fact that the Austrian government first targeted the unvaccinated which brings us back to the days of the Nazi Germany targeting specific people who did not fit the criteria of being a German citizen.  The Associated Press published ‘Austria orders lockdown for unvaccinated people as COVID cases soar’ reported that “the Austrian government has ordered a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people starting at midnight Sunday to combat rising coronavirus infections and deaths.”  What would a lockdown mean for the Austrian people who remain unvaccinated? “The move prohibits unvaccinated people 12 and older from leaving their homes except for basic activities such as working, grocery shopping, going for a walk – or getting vaccinated.”  In other words, Austria is in a 1984 Orwellian scenario that’s close to the breaking point of total tyranny.  Austrian authorities are “concerned about rising infections and deaths and that soon hospital staff will no longer be able to handle the growing influx of COVID-19 patients” continued “It’s our job as the government of Austria to protect the people,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told reporters in Vienna on Sunday. “Therefore we decided that starting Monday … there will be a lockdown for the unvaccinated.” 

At this point, it should not surprise anyone. We saw this coming.  Now there are protests taking place not only in Austria but in other countries as well including the Netherlands, Croatia and Italy against government lockdowns and vaccine passports.  The point is that the unvaccinated are being targeted.  There are even celebrities who are calling the unvaccinated “the enemy” such as former KISS icon Gene Simmons, who in my opinion has no talent. According to Simmons was recently interviewed on Talkshoplive’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Channel said that “the far left and the far right, they are both evil. They both spread all kinds of nonsense. Politics are the enemy” and that “if you’re willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy.” 

This is just the beginning, but it’s not just about lockdowns or celebrities calling those unvaccinated the enemy, doctors who sold out to Big Pharma and obey government orders are also declaring war on the unvaccinated by denying people healthcare services. published an article written by Dr. R.M. Huffman titled ‘As a doctor, here’s my message to anyone who thinks it’s OK to deny medical treatment to those unvaccinated against Covid’ said that “some doctors are openly discussing refusal to treat patients who decline, for whatever reason, to get the jab. This would set a dangerous precedent and shatter fundamental tenets of medical practice” and that “An insidious sentiment has begun metastasizing throughout the United States and Britain, expressed by politicians, pundits, and – most disturbingly – by physicians themselves: that the unvaccinated who contract Covid-19 should be denied medical care.”  This is clearly a declaration of war on the unvaccinated where doctors themselves are allowing patients to get sick or even die if they are not vaccinated. Huffman sounded the alarm on this disturbing trend in the healthcare industry:

It gets worse. A former US senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill, also wants the unvaccinated to have their insurance rates raised.  Piers Morgan, the British TV personality, demands to his nearly 8 million Twitter followers that the NHS must refuse them hosital beds.  An emergency medical physician in Arizona responds to a video clip of people unmasked in a grocery store with a message, “Let ‘em die”. A liver surgeon at Massachusetts General suggests that declining a Covid vaccine should be treated by doctors as a functional Do Not Intubate/Do Not Resuscitate order. These are neither private thoughts nor quiet conversations with overworked colleagues: these are calls to action, shared on social media, intended for public consumption. This should terrify you

They are already denying people medical care because they did not get vaccinated. According to news channel who published ‘Organtransplant surgery canceled due to new Cleveland Clinic policy requiring COVID-19 vaccination’ reported that a man named Mike Ganim was about to receive a life-saving kidney transplant surgery, but his wife Debi said she was notified that the surgery was canceled due to the donor not being vaccinated:

Debi Ganim said they were informed on October 8 that Cleveland Clinic implemented a new safety policy that required both living donors and organ recipients to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Mike is fully vaccinated, but the donor is not 

Yet, those who are vaccinated are witnessing breakthrough cases all around the world. Back on July 18th , 2021, the Scottish-based news website The Expose posted an article ‘5,522 people have died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in Scotland according to Public Health Scotland’ showing what Public Health Scotland (PHS) released under the freedom of information request called the Covid-19 Statistical Report admitted the following:

Between 8 December 2020 and 11 June 2021, a total of 5,522 people died within 28 days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine in Scotland (number of days between vaccine and death is 0-27, where 0 is the day of vaccination, all age groups). A breakdown of these deaths by day and vaccine type is available in the spreadsheet provided along with this report

On August 16th, 2021, published an article on the breakthrough cases coming out of Israel ‘A grim warning from Israel: Vaccination blunts, but does not defeat Delta: with early vaccination and outstanding data, country is the world’s real-life COVID-19 lab’ stated what the reality is for the Israelis who received “the shot”:

What is clear is that “breakthrough” cases are not the rare events the term implies. As of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19, a 31% increase from just 4 days earlier. Of the 514, 59% were fully vaccinated. Of the vaccinated, 87% were 60 or older.

“There are so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the hospitalized patients are actually vaccinated,” says Uri Shalit, a bioinformatician at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) who has consulted on COVID-19 for the government. “One of the big stories from Israel [is]: ‘Vaccines work, but not well enough

On November 12th, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted on The New York Times‘ podcast The Daily on the current data coming in from Israel on the steady rise of “breakthrough infections”:

They are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalization and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly,” Fauci said. “It’s waning to the point that you’re seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections, and more and more of those people who are getting breakthrough infections are winding up in the hospital

For those in the United States who are vaccinated also have some bad news heading their way as the Associated Press (AP) has admitted that the vaccinated are the real problem in an article titled ’COVID-19 hot spots offer sign of what could be ahead for US’ reported on the increase of Covid-19 infection rates among the vaccinated:

New Mexico is running out of intensive care beds despite the state’s above-average vaccination rate. Waning immunity may be playing a role. People who were vaccinated early and have not yet received booster shots may be driving up infection numbers, even if they still have some protection from the most dire consequences of the virus

With a 100% vaccination rate, Gibraltar is considered one of the most vaccinated countries on earth has also witnessed an increase of “47 cases per day in the last seven days” as reported by in article titled Gibraltar cancels Christmas celebrations amid Covid spikestated the following:

While the government has called upon the public to “exercise their own judgement”, they have “strongly” advised against any social events for at least the next four weeks, discouraging people from holding private Christmas events. Gibraltar has seen a steady increase in active cases of COVID-19 throughout October and November, which has gained pace over the past few days

Now the medical establishment is pushing for never-ending booster shots to give you supposedly added protections. Big Pharma, the World Health Organization (WHO) and various governments who mandated vaccine requirements for federal, state, and local government employees and private businesses are pushing their agenda through the mainstream media with the narrative suggesting that the unvaccinated is becoming a problem. But that is a lie, it’s clearly the vaccinated who are getting sick, many are even dying. In the US today, terrorists are now gun owners, anti-war activists, real journalist organizations such as Wikileaks and other anti-establishment organizations and individuals, soon it will be the unvaccinated.  A new enemy has been added to the list and they are called the anti-Vaxxers. It is certain that governments and Big Pharma will launch a fascistic crusade against the unvaccinated. Public television channel published a video by the Atlantic Council who interviewed Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla who claimed that his corporation is “getting briefings from the CIA and FBI” on the “spread of misinformation” by what he called “criminals” because “they literally cost millions of lives.” The war on the unvaccinated by fascistic governments and multinational corporations such as Big Pharma has already begun.

How far would they go to get people to roll up their sleeves and take the shot? They are already denying people healthcare and are locking down the unvaccinated in Europe, so what’s next? Will governments start banning people who are unvaccinated from buying food? As they say, you give them the finger then they take your arm. The good news is that there is a resistance against this medical tyranny with people from all walks of life and it will keep growing because many see it as the only way to stop a broader agenda by those who want total control over the world’s healthcare system with Big Pharma moving up on the pyramid of global power.  I am optimistic that we will win this battle, I can say with confidence, it’s inevitable.       

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1 thought on “Will the Unvaccinated Become an Enemy of the State? Close to the Breaking Point of Total Tyranny

  1. The hierarchy of wealth & status.

    Especially in times where wealth & assets have become so intensely & highly concentrated, such as our time today, those at the top use that wealth to form strong hierarchies, to protect themselves and maintain control over others.
    The more obedient the underlings of this hierarchy of wealth, the more wealth, assets and fame those underlings are allowed themselves.
    They must prove themselves totally obedient to the establishment system.
    They are then promoted as “leaders” of subgroups, in their own right, in order to control & herd others.

    I worked in the entertainment industry for decades.
    In general, unless an Actor, or Musician, or Artist or such wants to continue their Art as a “starving Artist”, they must eventually bow to corporate interests.
    Gene Simmons is one of those Corporate Artists.
    KISS, with their seeming “anti-establishment” persona & shtick, is an epitome of the effective use of propaganda (use seeming “rebellious” acts as a way of attracting, and profiting from those followers demonstrating rebellious behaviors, i.e. herding the “fringe” back to the mainstream).
    Simmons’ entire existence depends on placating the Corporate Lords, whom are responsible for his fame, celebrity, and fortune.

    Despite any fandom/hero-worship one may hold for Entertainers like Simmons, he exists as a true subordinate to the establishment system that the neo-feudal Lords have created.

    The “Father of Spin & Propaganda”, Edward Bernays, in his 1928 book titled Propaganda, wrote:
    “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway. But men do not need to be actually gathered together in a public meeting or in a street riot, to be subject to the influences of mass psychology. Because man is by nature gregarious he feels himself to be member of a herd, even when he is alone in his room with the curtains drawn. His mind retains the patterns which have been stamped on it by the group influences.”

    One must first beware that the same Big Asset Management firms & Big Banks that control most all the “news” media, also control most all the entertainment media. Aka, Big Media.
    This same Cartel also now exists as the largest Owners of the largest Big Med, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and other industries.
    Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Fidelity, Invesco, JP Moran, the Capital Group, et al. have become the largest Owners of, and thus the controlling shareholders of Big Everything.
    They have created a new, monstrous Hydra, a beast with numerous heads, each capable of supporting that beast. Any attempt to sever just one head (one industry segment, like Big Tech, fro example) of that Hydra is fruitless, as the remaining heads allow the monster to survive, and regenerate that severed head.

    Consider that most all of KISS & Simmons music is owned by Universal Music Group, one of the “Big Three” GLOBAL music entertainment corporations.
    UMG in turned is owned by a conglomerate of multinational corporations, which in highly-convoluted ways, are tied back to this Cartel of Big Asset Management firms & Big Banks.
    One of the largest Investors of UMG is Vivendi.
    One of the largest Investors of Vivendi is Pershing Square Capital.
    In a highly-convoluted, cross-ownership schema, other largest holdings of, and holders of Pershing Square Capital are Wells Fargo, T Rowe Price, Guggenheim Capital, which all tie back to Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Fidelity, Invesco, JP Morgan, et al.
    (Source = SEC filings).

    Simmons reliance on continued royalties from continued music sales to maintain his lifestyle is wholly reliant on UMG.
    Which is reliant on the neo-feudal Lords which control it.

    Similarly, the largest shareholders of Big Pharma “vaccine” makers, like Moderna (mrna), Pfizer (pfe), J&J (jnj), et al are:
    Vangurad, BlackRock, State Street, Fidelity, Invesco, JP Morgan, et al.

    Interestingly, and ironically, the largest Big Tobacco corporations are largely owned by this same cartel.
    Any questions as to why, when “vaccines” are being mandated to “protect public health”, smoking (which has been identified by the CDC & many other organizations as the single largest cause of death & chronic illness) remains legal?

    This is seriously, how the global corporate world has now been structured.
    We are living in a truly FEUDAL society.

    In ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and elsewhere, the Theater was often employed as a highly-effective method of propaganda, compliance, obedience & such.
    The works of Heronis of Alexandria, for example, with his many inventions (props), designed to deceive with seeming feats of “miracles”, “divinity”, power & awe.
    Each with the intent of instilling subservience, obedience, complacency, etc.
    It is quite literally a system of COMPLY OR DIE.

    Take note of how much the Big Entertainment industry is being employed to push this “vaccine” mandate narrative.

    This was one reason why Plato wrote of his Allegory of the Cave (mere illusions of entertainment presented as reality, in order to control populations).

    Now, beyond just Big Entertainment, that same Cartel similarly controls Big Med, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, etc. (follow the money, do a bit of research on the largest shareholders of the largest players in these industries).
    Even highly-trained professionals, like Physicians, are increasingly becoming subjected to the demands of this Cartel.
    They are largely no longer allowed to engage in common-sense medicine, but perform only the tasks they are permitted to perform.
    Like prescribing/administering those high-profit “vaccines”.
    Divergence is punished by demotion, decertification, unemployment, etc.

    This is one of the reasons that Physician burnout is reaching all-time highs.

    Due to this massive concentration & control of wealth, assets and power, a massive control of information has followed.
    Similar to that of the “Dark Ages” of the Middle Ages (a time when the Church controlled most wealth, assets, and power, thus information).
    Therefore I charge that we are living in the DARK AGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY.

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