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Russia Would be ‘Blown Off the Face of the Earth’ if It Used WMDs Against Ukraine. Fox News Sean Hannity

Fox News Propagandist Sean Hannity

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – War propaganda by the mainstream media whether by CNN, FOX news, the BBC or the New York Times all follow a narrative, a script produced by the Military-Industrial complex (MIC) for endless conflicts around the world.  A perfect example was recently demonstrated by long time FOX news TV host Sean Hannity who is clearly a propagandist for the MIC and Israel had recently threatened Russia with annihilation if it used any sort of weapons of mass destruction in its war on Ukraine, a war that was instigated by the US and its NATO allies.  However, it is fair to say that Tucker Carlson is the only one on FOX news who is against any form of aggression against Russia but Sean Hannity on the other hand, is more unhinged than ever before, even more so when he advocated for the war on Iraq. Hannity recently debated former congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as he started off by mentioning that he was a supporter of the Reagan and Trump doctrines of providing lethal weapons to the mujahidin (or Al-Qaeda) in Afghanistan or just bombing “the hell out of people” in the Middle East. Hannity is what you would call a classic propagandist:  

So, I am a supporter, Tulsi, of the Reagan doctrine and the Trump doctrine. Reagan doctrine is providing Stinger missiles to the mujahidin when the Soviets invaded in the `80s. They were successful. They pushed the Soviets out. Supporting the Nicaraguan freedom-fighting Contras over the Sandinistas and Daniel Ortega.

I’m also a supporter of the Trump doctrine which is bomb the living hell out of people, don’t put an American boot on the ground, maybe some intel boots there, but that’s about it, and with pinpoint accuracy. Push buttons from all over the United States and we’ll hit any target we want, we’ll blow the caliphate out of existence.  Trump did it. Soleimani off a tarmac. Al Baghdadi and associates, and the al Qaeda leader in Yemen.  It sounds to me like you don’t believe in that. We’re not putting one American boot on the ground and my argument would be, if we don’t — if Putin is successful here, God only knows where his territorial ambitions will take him next

Gabbard’s response was an honest assessment of those policies:

Yeah, Sean, you know all the things that you just talked about and explained there frankly are tactics. Those are tactics to accomplish what. And the “what” is really the central question here that needs to be answered is, what is our objective? What is the objective of the United States? What actions and objective best serves the interest of the American people? That’s the question — that’s the thing that that President Biden and his administration has failed to detail, outline or even identify. And it’s frankly why we’re seeing how he’s at NATO right now trying to clean up the mess that he made with these food shortages and all these things coming around as a result of the sanctions policies that that he put in — that he put in place.

So, any time you look at so many of our foreign policy disasters in the past, we see they have come about because our leaders have failed to outline what is it exactly we are trying to achieve and how does it best serve the interest of the American people

Hannity’s closing statement on Gabbard’s opinion should be no surprise because this is the same person who advocates for war in every region of the world in order to protect US interests.  Hannity’s response is in typical jingoistic form as he concluded his debate with Gabbard by warning Russia that it will be attacked if they used biological, chemical or nuclear weapons on Ukraine, he said that if Vladimir Putin wanted to negotiate, it would have done it a long time ago. He’s not willing to. And if — and if he wants to use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, he’s got to know that his entire country is going to be blown off the face of the earth.  I pray to God we never get to that point, but that’s always been a threat and it remains a threat here and we can’t cower in fear based on the fact that we’ve had mutually assured destruction, pretty much for all lifetime.”  

Hannity said that Ukraine needs weapons to fight Russia which Kiev can pay back later, but what is worst, in his opinion he believes that Iraq should “provide funding for every American soldier killed over there” or in other words, the Iraqi government should pay some sort of reparations for US soldiers who were killed in Iraq although the US was the aggressor: 

I’m not even sure that Zelenskyy will survive this. I think it’s — I think we’re at a tipping point. Right now they need the weapons. We can negotiate them paying us back later, but we should pursue it. I still think we should pursue it with Iraq if you want my frank opinion, and I think they should provide funding for every American soldier killed over there”

Here is the debate between Tulsi Gabbard and Sean Hannity:

Hannity supported the war in Iraq from the start as he supports a war with Iran now.  In June 2019, Hannity called on former US President Donald Trump to “bomb the hell of out Iran” after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down a US surveillance drone near the Hormozgan province.  Hannity went on to say that “a strong message needs to be sent that a huge price will be paid if you take on the United State of America,” he continued “simple peace through strength, and it works.”

On January 3rd, 2020 One of Iran’s most respected and admired top generals, Qasem Soleimani, a commander of the Quds force which is part of the IRGC was assassinated by a US drone strike near Baghdad International Airport with help from Israelis.  Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a tweet that “General Soleimani fought heroically against ISIS, Al Nusrah, Al Qaeda et al. If it weren’t for his war on terror, European capitals would be in great danger now. Our final answer to his assassination will be to kick all US forces out of the region.”  Soleimani did fight against terrorists, On January 6th, 2020, CNBC reported that “the U.S. and Iran, though adversaries, are mutual enemies of ISIS and effectively fought against ISIS to crush the terrorist group’s de facto state in Iraq and Syria”, but regarding Soleimani, Hannity claimed that “tonight the world is safer as one of the most ruthless, evil war criminals on Earth has been brought to justice.”

Hannity even claimed that Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks was waging a war on the US and that American lives are in danger because of him exposing US war crimes in Iraq and elsewhere.  Hannity criticized former US president Barack Obama for his failure to arrest Assange, but that all changed in 2016 after Wikileaks published leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) involving Hillary Clinton where Hannity praised Julian Assange for showing the world “how corrupt, dishonest and phony our government is” then a month later, Hannity said that Wikileaks exposed “everything that conspiracy theorists have said over the years” about Hillary Clinton is true.” 

Sean Hannity, one of the most highly paid television hosts in the US media is also a hypocrite. In a recent episode, Hannity claimed that censorship is not the answer which in all fairness is correct.  Hannity reported on the censorship taking place between Big Tech monopolies such as Twitter and YouTube and with what he calls “the media mob” including CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times.  He in on point about the rise of cancel culture especially in the US and Europe.  Here is the news segment:

However, Hannity does not follow the rules of journalistic principals as this video clearly shows him insulting and censuring a Palestinian-American writer and political analyst Yousef Munayyer during the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas. Notice the ‘Sympathy for the Terrorists’ on the bottom right side of the screen.

I have to say that this is propaganda at its finest. 

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