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The FDA and Big Pharma is Set to Push for Unlimited Experimental Booster Shots

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow NewsAn admission from former US President Barack Obama in a recent speech at Stanford University that the Covid-19 vaccine was tested on billions of people around the world, in other words, the public became lab rats for Big Pharma.  Obama said that “Despite the fact that we have now essentially clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people worldwide. Around one-in-five Americans is still willing to put themselves at risk and put their families at risk… rather than get vaccinated. People are dying because of misinformation.” Obama was referring to the Biden regime’s creation of a new ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ that will supposedly target “disinformation or misinformation” on the internet, social media and anyone online who exposes the US government’s propaganda on its experimental injections, it’s endless wars and almost everything else that they can get away with. 

Regardless of the facts on the dangers of the covid-19 vaccines, the medical establishment and its Big Pharma cohorts are going to continue to push the public into getting more MRNA booster shots.  CNBC reported last month in ‘Top FDA official says fully vaccinated Americans may need more Covid shots this fall’ that a top Food and Drug Administration official (FDA) in charge of vaccine safety by the name of Dr. Peter Marks who is calling for the expansion of booster shots said that “people in the U.S. might need another Covid booster shot this fall as public health experts expect immunity from the vaccines to wane and transmission of the virus to increase during colder months.”  The part that says “vaccines to wane” is a code phrase for endless boosters as Dr. Marks “indicated the U.S. might need to offer fourth shots for people under 50-years-old in the fall. People who are now eligible for fourth shots would likely get a fifth shot if there’s evidence that would be beneficial, Marks told reporters on a conference call.” Are new MRNA vaccines being tested for new variants? According to Dr. Marks “the U.S. could switch to a different vaccine that targets a specific Covid variant or a mix of several.” The report mentioned that “Pfizer and Moderna are conducting clinical trials on shots that target both omicron and other circulating variants.”  Supposedly the FDA held “an advisory committee meeting on April 6 to discuss the future of booster shots in the U.S. and whether the vaccines need an update to offer better protection against variants.”  Dr. Marks concluded his call to reporters with the following statement:

It would not be surprising if there is a potential need for people to get an additional booster in the fall along with a more general booster campaign if that takes place,” Marks said. “It may be that a decision is made that rather than the vaccines we currently have, which are called vaccines against the prototype virus, that we will move to a vaccine that is either against one of the variants or something else

The medical establishment will promote a “booster campaign” with a steady stream of endless propaganda to get more experimental injections into people’s arms and that will come as early as this fall, so a new scare campaign is on the way.  “The FDA on Tuesday authorized a fourth dose of Pfizer and Moderna’s original vaccine for people ages 50 and older. The drug regulator also authorized a second booster dose for younger people with compromised immune systems.”  The FDA authorized Pfizer’s experimental booster shots for those who are 12 and older with underlying medical conditions while Moderna’s booster shot was also authorized for those over 18 with the same health conditions. 

Dr. Marks had mentioned that Israel suggested a fourth experimental booster shot may be needed so it “can reduce the risk of hospitalization and death in older adults.”  The CNBC article said that a contagious omicron subvariant or the BA.2. is spreading in Europe and China and now it is present in the U.S., but Marks claimed that the FDA has the tools to combat waves of new infections with “a fourth dose to older adults and a fifth shot to certain individuals with compromised immune systems” even though there are some doctors and scientists within the medical establishment that are divided on the issue of who and when people should get booster shots.  Israeli scientists claim they have discovered “that a fourth dose significantly reduced mortality in people age 60 and over compared to people who received three shots.” The study conducted at Ben Gurion University and Israel’s largest health-care provider; Clalit Health Services did not go through a peer-reviewed study that would confirm the claims made by the Israeli scientists.

The CNBC article which was written by Spencer Kimball said that “another Israeli study of health-care workers ages 18 and older indicated that fourth dose did not boost immunity in younger adults, many of whom still got asymptomatic and mild breakthrough infections” and that “A fourth vaccination of healthy young health-care workers may have only marginal benefits” according to a letter written to the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) in March by Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay and other scientists from Sheba Medical Center and Israel’s Ministry of Health. 

Regarding Israel, a few months back the NEJM published ‘Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine against Covid-19 in Israel’ on the rise of myocarditis that is defined as the inflammation of the heart muscle.  More than 5.1 million Israelis are fully immunized against Covid-19 but there is a rise of adverse events and even deaths.  According to the NEJM’s report “among 304 persons with symptoms of myocarditis, 21 had received an alternative diagnosis. Of the remaining 283 cases, 142 occurred after receipt of the BNT162b2 vaccine; of these cases, 136 diagnoses were definitive or probable.”  The report concluded that after the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization was established in the US, it was also authorized for use in Israel and that was when “the incidence of myocarditis, although low, increased after the receipt of the BNT162b2 vaccine, particularly after the second dose among young male recipients. The clinical presentation of myocarditis after vaccination was usually mild.” 

On February 5th, 2022, the Telegraph, a daily newspaper based in London published an article titled ‘Israel’s rise in Covid deaths: why it’s happening, and the lessons for the UK’ claimed that “Israel is a vaccine star of the pandemic. It rolled out its initial jabs with great speed this time last year amid the deadly alpha wave. It saw off delta in the summer by pioneering booster shots. And, as omicron hit, it made fourth doses available to medics and the elderly.”  The introduction by the Telegraph seems to praise Israel’s response to the pandemic but then it turns to a question of why many Israelis are dying since the start of the vaccination campaign?  “But late last week charts started to do the rounds on social media, showing Israel’s deaths apparently soaring.” 

The Telegraph article did mention a controversial tweet by a former professor from the University of California who did refuse mandatory vaccines and was fired for it dared to ask the question of why so many Israelis are dying from Covid-19 although they are fully vaccinated, “Israel is among the most highly vaccinated and boosted countries on the planet. [Yet] they are breaking daily records for Covid deaths”, tweeted Aaron Kheriaty, a professor of psychiatry who was recently fired by the University of California for refusing to abide by its vaccine mandate.”  Then Kheriaty calls for the medical establishment to explain what is going on since the death toll from Covid is rising fast among Israelis “Our public health establishment needs to explain this….  because people are dying.”

Regardless of the facts, the brainwashed public will become willing test subjects now and, in the future, once a new booster shot is made available and they will stand online, some will come with their beach chairs and wait for hours until they get their next dose of uncertainty. 


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