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Beware of Big Bad Russian Space Nukes!

Drago Bosnic, Info Brics & Global ResearchIt’s truly inexplicable how the “evil” Kremlin is being “defeated” in Ukraine, mostly because its soldiers “lack” weapons and ammo and are forced to fight with “shovels and tree branches”, but still, Russia is somehow able to deploy “nukes in space”.

Precisely this is the “logic” of the mainstream propaganda machine, stuck in a schizophrenic limbo of trying to underestimate Moscow while grossly exaggerating its losses and the need to present it as an immediate threat to the political West.

Namely, on February 14, Ohio Republican Mike Turner, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said that his panel had “made available to all Members of Congress information concerning a serious national security threat”. The major, imminent, grave, terrifying security threat soon turned out to be “Russian space nukes”!

The mainstream propaganda machine didn’t specify how these weapons got to space, as Russia is just a “nuclear-armed gas station with little to no real economy”. However, in all seriousness, ABC News quoted “two sources familiar with deliberations on Capitol Hill” who allegedly said that “the intelligence has to do with the Russians wanting to put a nuclear weapon into space”.

Still, what the fearmongering media “forgot” to mention in its reports is that this “nuclear weapon in space” would actually be a nuclear-powered anti-satellite weapon (ASAT).

There’s a massive difference between having thermonuclear warheads pointed at Earth from space and having a nuclear-powered spacecraft. The Russian military is already in possession of the former, as it was the world’s first operator of the FOBS back in the early 1960s.

FOBS, an acronym for the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (СЧОБ in Russian), is a thermonuclear weapon system found on intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), designed to make their range effectively limitless.

China tested its own version of the technology only in 2021, while the United States has been unable to create anything similar.

Thus, Russia has had this capability for well over half a century, so why is there such hype over a supposed nuclear-powered ASAT all of a sudden?

It’s exceedingly difficult to ignore the fact that this is being used as yet another excuse to push several warmongering agendas at once.

First, it furthers the idea that there “cannot be peace” with Moscow, and

Second, it gives Washington DC the perfect excuse to continue militarizing space, started years before the special military operation (SMO).

House Speaker Mike Johnson played the role of a “good cop” and stated there was “no need for public alarm”, while Turner kept his role as a “bad cop”, calling on President Joe Biden to “declassify information about a serious national security threat”.

On the other hand, three members of the House Intelligence Committee told Politico that the “threat caused by this new Russian capability is disturbing”, but that it’s a “longer-term concern, not a today thing” and that it’s a “serious issue, but not an immediate crisis”.

In other words, it’s extremely likely that Moscow hasn’t even deployed this ASAT system (provided it even plans to). On February 15, the White House even said so, with National Security Council spokesman John Kirby vaguely confirming this assumption by saying that it’s “related to an [ASAT] capability that Russia is developing”.

In fact, Kirby even said that “this is not an active capability that’s been deployed”. In other words, this was an admission that the mainstream propaganda machine’s “end of the world” panic mode in the last two days was absolutely unnecessary.

Kirby even went on to admit that, although this Russian capability is “troubling”, the weapon itself isn’t really a threat to anyone’s safety, as “it cannot be used to attack human beings or cause physical destruction here on Earth”.

It’s very important to note that ASAT weapons have existed for much of the (First) Cold War and that all the fearmongering we’ve seen in the last two days would be almost the same as if somebody complained about thermonuclear weapons that have been around for nearly 80 years at this point. Worse yet, the latter can actually destroy the world, while ASAT weapons can’t.

Still, the US and NATO are indeed looking to militarize space and both have been saying so in recent years.

This includes the belligerent alliance’s top officials, in particular its Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg who openly stated that space is the “next operational domain” back in 2019. Much earlier, during the (First) Cold War, the Reagan administration launched the much-touted SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) program, now better known under its more popular name – “Star Wars”.

However, unlike the US, whose SDI was largely a PR stunt, Russia actually built space-based weapons, including orbital lasers. What’s more, back in 1987, it launched a laser-armed spacecraft called the “Polyus/Skif-DM”. Although the program was scrapped due to the unfortunate dismantling of the Soviet Union, Moscow kept its know-how.

In fact, Russia even built land-based laser and other directed energy ASAT defenses in recent years, reactivating numerous programs, particularly in the aftermath of NATO-backed long-range attacks by the Kiev regime. Namely, the world’s most aggressive military alliance, a chronic threat to global security, is providing targeting data to its Neo-Nazi puppets through the usage of various ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) assets, including its vast network of space satellites. It has even embedded private space companies such as SpaceX into its military capabilities. Both Russia and China see this as a threat and are responding in kind, including through close technological cooperation. However, the political West adamantly refuses their overtures to uphold international treaties that ban the militarization of space.

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