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The US-Israel War Against Iran Will be the Beginning of the End of Western-Zionist Dominance in the Middle East

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow NewsFollowing Israel’s terrorist attack on the diplomatic building of the consulate of Iran in Damascus, Syria that resulted in the deaths of several officials of the Iranian military including a highly respected IRGC official, Mohammad Reza Zahedi is essentially the beginning of the end for Western-Zionist power structure in the Middle East. 

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s reaction to the terrorist attack said that “After repeated defeats and failures against the faith and will of the Resistance Front fighters, the Zionist regime has put blind assassinations on its agenda in the struggle to save itself,” he continued “Day by day, we have witnessed the strengthening of the Resistance Front and the disgust and hatred of free nations towards the illegitimate nature of (Israel). This cowardly crime will not go unanswered.” 

The Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian wrote on his account on X social media platform “An important message was sent to the American government as a supporter of the Zionist regime. America must be held responsible.”

The US and Israel should be very worried about their military bases and assets across the Middle East and Africa because Iran will respond with full force.  The red line has been crossed with an unprecedented attack on Iran’s consulate thus angering governments who are allied with Iran including Russia and China and most of the Global South.  

US Commander of the Central Command Visits Israel  

General Michael Erik Kurilla is in Israel to coordinate preparations with top officials from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to counter an Iranian attack.  The Jerusalem Post reported that “In recent days, Israeli and American officials have held a series of consultations at all levels to prepare for an Iranian response, senior officials from both countries said.”  The report also highlighted what Biden had said, “Our commitment to Israel’s security is an ironclad commitment.”  Sounds familiar? of course, because all presidents before Biden had basically said the same thing many times. 

The US military had established a base in Israel back in 2017.  The US government funded news organization, Voice of America reported on the development, “Israel and the U.S. inaugurated the first American military base on Israeli soil on Monday, which will serve dozens of soldiers operating a missile defense system.”  The report also said that “The base is located within an existing Israeli air force base and will operate under Israeli military directives.” 

Fast forward to the war in Gaza, the Biden regime is sending more than 1000 US troops who will be assisting in building a seaport to bring food to the Palestinian people even though his regime is arming and funding the Israeli government’s genocide of the same people he claims to be helping. 

Earlier this month, a military news website, ‘Stars and Stripes headlined ‘1,000 US troops will deploy for temporary port operations to move aid into Gaza’ which we know is a complete lie because it’s about establishing a US military presence in a show a force against Israel’s enemies that includes the Palestinian resistance, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen.  Biden had ordered the Pentagon to support efforts to get “humanitarian aid” into Gaza, “The Pentagon will soon deploy about 1,000 American troops to build a temporary seaport just off the coast of war-torn Gaza to provide its inhabitants some 2 million meals per day, a Defense Department spokesman said Friday” but this is clearly ‘Mission Creep,’ therefore in reality, US troops who are stationed in Israel are ready to become cannon fodder for Israel.

Israel and the US Face an Uncontrollable Situation in the Middle East

There is no turning back after Israel’s brazen attack because Iran will retaliate against Israel who is already in a war with Hezbollah in its northern borders and with Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip.  Israel is also at war with the Houthis in Yemen, various resistance groups in Iraq and with the Syrian government. 

Israel and US forces will eventually face the Middle East with over one billion Muslims who reject Israel and its claims to Palestinian land.  Iran can target every US military base in Iraq, Syria (which is an illegal military base in Syria who is literally stealing oil), Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states including its secret bases throughout the Middle East filled with CIA, MI6, Mossad, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda operatives conducting terrorist operations to further destabilize the region.

Iran has close to one million active and reserve personnel and remember, if Israel or the US were to attack Iran directly, most of Iran would unite around the flag, therefore, they will face 10’s of millions of angry Iranians.  The Iranians will unleash everything they have to defeat Israel and the US including its ballistic missiles that can hit every US base in the Middle East. 

The maps below shows that any missile that Iran decides to launch can reach any US military base in the region:

US military bases are within the perimeter listed in the following image:

Israel committed a terrorist attack knowing that any retaliation from Iran would most likely pull in the United States just like what they did in Iraq with the Saddam Hussein has Weapons of Mass Destruction lie.  That lie ended up becoming a disaster for the US war machine who clearly lost the war in Iraq with nothing positive to show the world, only resentment from the Iraqi population who wants US forces out of their country.  

Despite what happened in Iraq, the US population, especially in the Midwest and Southern parts who blindly support Israel would eagerly sacrifice their children to fight for the Jewish State to protect the “chosen ones” at all costs. 

Israel and the United States will possibly counterattack, then a full-scale war short of using nuclear weapons will take center stage thus driving up oil prices in an unstable economic global landscape.   Rest assured, Russia and China will get involved in some capacity.

Iran’s ballistic missile program has been regarded by many experts across the globe as the largest in the Middle East. Therefore, all US military bases will be hit with Iran’s variety of missiles including one of the most advanced ballistic missiles such as the Zolfaghar, which is capable of striking targets as far as 300 to 700 km away or (186 to 435 miles).  They also have the Fateh-110, a short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) with a range of 300km (185 miles) and there are many other missiles at their disposal. 

Israel and their closest ally, the US will face an unwinnable war, would it go nuclear?  Israel is the wild card with nuclear weapons.  Are they willing to use them against Iran?  We don’t know, but one thing is certain, if Israel were to use nuclear weapons against Iran, every single person in the Muslim world and beyond would target Israel, therefore, they will never live in peace. 

Would a new Middle East war between Israel and Iran create a new refugee crisis on US borders?  Yes, but this time, it will be Israelis trying to get into the US because they will be fleeing from a war that their own government had started. 

So, would the US government take in the Israelis and create a new Jewish homeland somewhere in Texas or Florida?  Would those who support Israel in the US give up their land to help Zionist Jews?  I wonder how most Americans would react to that idea.         

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