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From the Horse’s Mouth: Dennis Avi Limpkin on the Greater Israel Agenda: “Israel’s Borders will extend from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia.” (VIDEO)

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – Who is Dennis Avi Limpkin?  For starters, Limpkin is an Anti-Islam activist who was born in Flushing, New York, then moved to Israel as a teenager in 1968, then in 1972, he joined the Israel Defense Forces becoming a major, then moved up to becoming a military spokesman for the genocidal army.  By 1988, he was involved in the Far-Right Likud campaign and then from 1989 to 1990, he was part of the news department for Yitzhak Shamir’s press office.  Limpkin is a revisionist Zionist who believes that socialism has no place in Zionism.  Limpkin believes that Zionism should have a bourgeois stance which was the ideology of Vladimir Jabotinsky, who participated in the Sixth Zionist Congress in Basel in 1903.  Revisionist Zionist is described as a faction that advocates for “diplomatic and political efforts” to import Jews as quickly as possible to Palestine to establish a “Jewish State.”  After his stint in political campaigning in Israel, he began lecturing in Christian-Zionist churches and synagogues throughout the United States. 

Just to give you an idea of who Dennis Avi Limpkin is, he published five books under two different names.  The first three books were under his alias, Victor Mordecai which was to hide his identity, his first book, ‘Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat? (1997) which is described as “proof” that Islam is a threat to world peace, Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival (1999) and ‘Islamic Threat Updates Almanac’ (2003).  The other two books are under his real name, Israel’s Bible Bloc (2006) which promoted a Jewish-Christian Party in Israel founded by Limpkin called Gush Hatanachi or the Bible Bloc Party and Islam Prophesied in Genesis (2010). 

In 2009, Limpkin was involved in what was considered a racial incident in Switzerland where he was pro-active in the Swiss Minaret Initiative or the Swiss Minaret Dispute to persuade the Swiss population to ban the construction of Minarets, which are either elevated stands or towers that calls for Muslims to pray at the mosque.  Limpkin gave an anti-Islam speech where he compared Allah to Satan among other things.  In an article by The Aargauer Zeitung, a Swiss daily newspaper ‘Anti-minaret initiative: Israeli condemned for racial discrimination’ described what happened regarding Limpkin’s actions and its aftermath:

The Islamophobic Israeli Avi Lipkin has been sentenced to a conditional fine and a fine by the Bern-Mittelland examining magistrate’s office for racial discrimination and disruption of freedom of belief and worship

Limpkin demonized Islam in his speech in October 2009 for a Pro-Israel organization in Wichtrach, Bern:

In a speech before the anti-minaret vote, he described Islam as “psychosis”, compared Allah to Satan and called for a ban on Islam. “Avi Lipkin had made several statements against Islam that I classify as racially discriminatory,” said the responsible public prosecutor Thomas Perler to “NZZ am Sonntag”.

“It can be said that his speech contained statements that amounted to a demonization of Islam.” Lipkin gave the speech in October 2009 at the invitation of the “Pro Israel” organization in Wichtrach, Bern, around a month and a half before the anti-minaret vote

In conclusion, the following video shows Limpkin describing Israel’s plan for its expansionist agenda in the Middle East:

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