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Zionists Don’t Know When to Quit: Israel to Launch Another Losing Battle Against Hezbollah

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow NewsFor Israeli officials, Hezbollah is a formidable enemy that will fight to the end.  Since Israel lost the last war to Hezbollah in 2006, the Israelis know that with the Lebanese resistance still in the picture, they will face an unwinnable war against all their long-time adversaries including the Palestinian resistance, Syria, Iraq, and eventually Iran, so for them, Hezbollah needs to be taken out of the equation. 

Hezbollah has continued its attacks on northern Israel forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of Israeli settlers, so Tel Aviv is planning to hit Hezbollah with everything they have minus nuclear weapons. 

For Israel and their Western allies, Hezbollah must be eliminated but the hardened fighters of Hezbollah are ready to face Israel once again.  Hezbollah is estimated to have more than 150,000 missiles not including their drones and mortars that can hit every town and city of Israel including Tel Aviv. Their rocket stockpile has various types of precision missiles including anti-aircraft, anti-tank, and anti-ship missiles that can hit IDF and US forces at will. 

Northern Israel is already on fire because of Hezbollah’s unstoppable missile barrages that Israel’s Iron Dome failed to intercept.  Many of Hezbollah’s weapons are made in Iran, Russia or China which all have a creditable reputation for their advanced weapons systems.   

Back in 2021, according to Hezbollah’s secretary-general, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah has more than 100,000 fighters and it is very possible that they are still growing in numbers with new recruits especially since Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza.  Nasrallah said that “We have prepared (those fighters) with their diverse weapons to defend our territory, our oil and gas that is being robbed before the eyes of Lebanese, to protect the dignity and sovereignty of our country from any aggression (and) terrorism and not for internal fighting.” Lebanon has oil and gas reserves that Israel and the US corporations are just waiting to get their hands on. 

Hezbollah has been preparing for an all-out war with Israel for some time now. 

Israeli Officials are Preparing to Strike Hezbollah 

A report from The Times of Israel quoted what Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu had said when he was speaking at a recent event celebrating Jerusalem Day and said that “Iran is trying to choke us and encircle us and we are fighting back directly and with its proxies, Netanyahu continued, “We can’t accept the continuation of the situation in the north, it won’t continue. We will return the resident to their homes and bring back security.”

The report also quoted what Israeli President, Isaac Herzog had a similar message, “I call from here to the international community and its leaders and stress — it is impossible to remain indifferent to this terrorism, from Lebanon and in general. Israel has been attacked daily, for many months, by Iranian proxies in Lebanon, in flagrant violation of all international agreements and resolutions,” Herzog also had a warning to the world that another war is coming, “The world needs to wake up and realize that Israel has no choice but to protect its citizens and you shouldn’t be surprised when it does so with greater and greater strength and resolve, and don’t come to us with complaints when the situation gets out of control,” Herzog continued, “This is not the time to stand by and let the region escalate. This evil terrorist aggression needs to be curbed and stopped.” 

It seems that the decision has been made in Tel Aviv.  This means that Israel is going to attack Hezbollah who has more than 150,000 plus missiles aimed at all of Israel’s cities, towns and illegal settlements. 

The coming war with Hezbollah is a do or die situation for the Israeli government.  Will they be successful this time?

According to Major-General, Itzhak Brik, a former commissioner of the IDF Ombudsman was interviewed by an Israeli radio show this past April admitted that Israel is in a difficult situation, and they won’t be able to succeed in a multi-front war: 

“I see an unprecedentedly serious situation. First of all, the reaction could be very difficult,” he said. “They can attack a strategic target, an embassy. They can attack both and activate Hezbollah, their own forces, but we cannot know. I see this as an unprecedented severity.

Those who decided to attack such an important target in Syria, which included five generals who all have replacements, leads us to many possible Iranian responses, one of which may be an all-out regional war in the entire Middle East. The State of Israel is not ready for it; Israel is not completely prepared. The ground forces are small and unable to fight on several fronts” 

In another report by Al Mayadeen, ‘Israel’ would lose war against Hezbollah within 24 hours: Reports’ read as follows: 

Eran Etzion, who served as deputy head of “Israel’s” National Security Council during the last war in 2006, told Newsweek that the war would bring unprecedented destruction to “Sensitive areas” within the occupation, detailing that he believes “Israel” would lose “within 24 hours” and emphasizing that it was difficult to see how the war “can be won quickly, or at all.”

“From my perspective, I think it’s going to be a war that Israel will lose within the first 24 hours,” he said, adding that “simply because of the pictures we will see of mass destruction in very sensitive areas within Israel on a scale we’ve never seen before.”

The report also said that “according to Israeli military officials, Hezbollah has roughly 200,000 rockets, mortars, drones, surface-to-air missiles, anti-tank missiles, precision-guided munitions, and other weapons.”

The Israelis are rolling the dice, taking a gamble.  It might be the war that starts World War III but then again, Israel might realize that they are in a losing situation and call off the attack, but at this point, it seems unlikely. Israel will try to cripple Hezbollah’s capabilities, but they won’t. They will lose this war once again.

Will the US military get involved this time? Maybe. But the question is, will anyone in Washington stop Israel’s march to war?  The short answer is no, because the Biden Regime is a Pro-Zionist government who has supported Gaza’s genocide on every level from the start including sending American-made weapons to the IDF to use on the civilian population in Gaza.  

You can also forget about the same US politicians from both major political parties who are bought and paid for by Israeli lobbyists from AIPAC who roam the halls of Capital Hill, so another war between Israel and Hezbollah is inevitable, get ready for a major escalation in the coming weeks and months ahead.           

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