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Hijacking a Movement: Attempts to Criminalize Pro-Palestine Student Protests Across US College Campuses

A Paid Agitator?

The Role of Fox News, The Netanyahu Government and a Surveillance Group Called ‘The Shirion Collective’

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – It is obvious that Fox news is criminalizing US student protests that is currently taking place across college campuses in efforts to bring in armed police and the National Guard to crush the protesters who are critical of Israel and its war crimes against the Palestinian people. The students are demanding a ceasefire in Israel’s war against Hamas and the Palestinian people. They are also demanding that their schools cut all financial ties with Israel.

Fox news is the ultimate propaganda bullhorn that justifies Israel’s war crimes. It is a network that has no shame, no morals. It is also true that CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC news and the rest of the mainstream media also defend Israel on many levels, therefore, any criticism of the Zionist State is almost non-existent in the US mainstream media. 

However, when it comes to Fox news, Rupert Murdock and his son, Lachlan who is the current CEO, make sure that their network never criticize nor do any truthful reporting on the state of Israel and its genocide of the Palestinians.  The relationship between the Israeli government and Fox news has been close for a long time, in fact Fox news was one of the main cheerleaders for the War in Iraq which benefitted Israel more than the US government since Tel Aviv now has one less formidable enemy in the Middle East with Saddam Hussein being removed from power at the time. 

Fox news has been intolerant of any criticism against Israel, the network’s pro-Zionist agenda is clear when you listen to any of its overpaid newscasters including Sean Hannity, Jesse Waters, Harris Faulkner, and the rest of the paid propagandists.  The Times of Israel reported on a “secret” meeting between Lachlan Murdoch and Israeli war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu in late January, ‘Media tycoon Lachlan Murdoch heads to Israel for secret meeting with Netanyahu’ said that “Lachlan Murdoch, the son of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, is due to land in Israel on Monday for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that was intended to remain a secret” and that Lachlan was also meeting with Benny Gantz of the National Unity Party who might be a future prime minister for Israel. 

So, the meeting was a secret, but I could bet you that the secret meeting was about Fox news willing to go full speed ahead with an Israeli narrative since the propaganda media giant also owns other influential news outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Sun and one of the most absurd newspapers in circulation, The New York Post.

It’s no secret that Fox news consistently lies abouts Israel’s war crimes every time it enters into another Middle East conflict since the Murdoch family is deeply involved in Israel’s geopolitics. The Murdoch’s are even willing to invest in a right-wing media channel in Israel:  

Netanyahu and the Murdoch family have known each other for many years. In 2016, the Hebrew business daily The Marker reported that Netanyahu’s then-media adviser Nir Hefetz was looking into establishing a conservative television channel in Israel modeled after Fox News and was interested in finding partners for the project, including Rupert Murdoch.

During investigations into charges against Netanyahu of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, former Ynet editor Eran Tiefenbrunn testified to the police that after leaving Ynet, he traveled to London to hold an exploratory meeting with Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch regarding a possible investment in a right-wing media outlet in Israel

Although he is not Jewish, Rupert Murdoch is a Zionist just like US President Joe Biden who once again, declared to Netanyahu during a visit to Israel back in 2023 that “I don’t believe you have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, and I am a Zionist”, but in 2012, the left-wing media including CNN and the Daily Beast claimed that Rupert was “antisemitic” for asking a question on Twitter during the IDF’s ‘Operation Pillar of Defense’ in the Gaza Strip, and the question was “Why Is Jewish owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?” In fact, Rupert Murdoch is far from being an “antisemite.” According to The Guardian, ‘Rupert Murdoch and the Jews’ revealed what were his intentions behind his comment on Twitter:

What Murdoch was doing was trying to channel the right wing’s ardent support of Israel by challenging the left wing’s more critical view of Israeli brinksmanship – particularly as Israel appears on the verge of another invasion of Gaza. In other words, or so Murdoch seemed to be close to saying, Jews are liberals, and so untrustworthy that they would even betray Israel

In other words, Rupert and his son Lachlan will do everything they can to protect Israel’s reputation and provide a narrative that Israel is the victim in its current war against the people of Gaza. 

College Protests Erupting Across the US are “Antisemitic” at least according to Fox News   

As for the Pro-Palestine protesters, Fox news has called them antisemites, pro-Hamas sympathizers, anti-Israel agitators, terrorists and so on. 

The producers at Fox News have booked interviews with Jewish students who are pro-Israel and Zionists who are allegedly harassed on college campuses, but they never interview Jewish students (many who are not Zionists) and are against Israel and it’s war crimes, or Palestinian students who have families in Gaza or anyone else for the matter who has an opposing view. Here is an example, in an interview with Pro-Israel students, Fox newscaster Lawrence Jones asked Julia Wax of Georgetown Law school “What’s life been like on campus? She responded with the following:

It’s interesting. I started my one L year, not even two months ago, and , as soon as the terrorist attacks occurred, it became a hostile environment for Jewish students, I started the Georgetown Zionists in reaction to this to give students a place to be able to go, to be able to understand their Jewish heritage and people are scared to go to class. You have to sit next to classmates who are posting antisemitic rhetoric who are hosting rallies that spew antisemitic rhetoric and people are scared. and the Universities are not doing their part, and they are staying silent

Here is another video based on FOX news calling the protesters terrorists and almost every other name in the book:

Granted, there are probably a handful of students who became violent during the course of the pro-Palestinian protests since emotions are running high, if of course they are really students and not paid agitators to create chaos on campuses that would allow the police and National Guards to use violent methods to contain the protests.

This is sort of a false flag of student protests to usher in an armed police and military force to end these Pro-Palestine protests once and for all which is an embarrassment to Israel’s reputation as a so-called ”democracy.”   

The propaganda is clear, demonize college students who are mostly peaceful Pro-Palestine protesters and provide a narrative that Jewish students on college campuses are the real victims of prejudice and hate. 

Yes, most likely there are a handful of students who are most likely harassing Jewish students and that should stop immediately because that makes it look like the Pro-Palestine protesters are seeking violence which will allow authorities to use excessive force. They should not fall into the trap. Protests should be peaceful at all costs.  

Most of these students and most of the world see what is going on in Palestine, it’s a genocide, plain and simple.  Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo suggested that “Communist China” was possibly behind the student protesters, but they don’t need China or George Soros (who is an evil globalist) to pay them to speak out against an apartheid regime killing innocent men, women, and children every day in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip.

The Shirion Collective: Who and What are they?

There is one group of individuals that seem to be interested in creating chaos and that is the Shirion Collective which describes itself as a Jewish surveillance group:

The Shirion Collective stands as a formidable Jewish surveillance group, born from the necessity to combat rising antisemitism. In the wake of October 7th’s revealing events, Shirion has taken a staunch stance against hatred and bigotry, employing advanced digital tactics to shield the Jewish community

The Guardian had a report on this group ‘Pro-Israel ‘surveillance’ group turning attention to Australia, leaked posts show’ said that “A pro-Israel “surveillance network” that has offered bounties for information on pro-Palestinian protesters is establishing a foothold in Australia and claims to have secured meetings with key federal politicians, leaked messages show.” The report also explains how they track ‘antisemites’:

Shirion Collective, which has largely focused on the US and UK, boasts of its ability to scrape digital fingerprints to “aggressively track and expose antisemites”. It is one of a number of groups that have gained prominence on social media during the Israel-Gaza war, publicly naming individuals it accuses of being antisemitic.” The report also added that the “Shirion Collective claims it has an AI tool called Maccabee which can identify and track targets

It seems that The Shirion Collective is also hiring agitators to cause chaos within the Pro-Palestinian protests. Read the following post on X and click on show more and read the list of qualifications on Who We’re Looking For:

Just like they did with Iraq, Fox News sells you lies about all of Israel’s enemies to bring in the US military into another Middle East conflict to fight for Israel. 

This is part of what the Christian Zionists in the US Bible Belt, the neocons, the Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC who are under Zionist control, and the Israeli establishment who want complete censorship of what is actually going on in Israel’s war against the Palestinians.

Therefore, Fox news and the Israeli government are trying to control the narrative regarding the student protests, so they are trying to criminalize student protests, censor social media platforms such as TikTok, and the alternative media who is critical of Israel’s agenda regarding the crimes against the Palestinian people.

Its about hijacking the student protest movement, first they criminalize and censor the protesters, bring in the police and military, then crush the student protests once and for all so that Israel can continue to receive US tax dollars unabated to expand it’s territory into what they would call the ‘Greater Israel project’,

if the US population knew what was really going on, they would finally wake-up and that is what Israel is terrified of. So, controlling the narrative is essential for Israel’s survival, because without funds from US taxpayers, Israel’s war machine would cease to exist.

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