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“Wars for Peace”: Massive Propaganda Has Brainwashed You to Believe that Wars Make Peace

Peter Koenig, Global ResearchThat is what they all say: Let us go to war to bring about Peace. It is like killing to make life worth living.

War for Peace has never worked in the history of mankind. Those who say War is Peace, know it is a lie. Those who say it, also never go to war. They plan wars – they force young people to the front and fight their wars for naught. Sorry.

Not for naught, for profit and power for

Those who are planning these wars for Peace.

These young men and women propagandized and brainwashed to believe that war makes Peace, help the war industry making profit from killing.

They bathe death in a sea of gold. Death is sacrifice, death is shiny, death is good for Peace.

Bush Junior  has also been brainwashed. And he is not the only one. 

One may legitimately ask, why are people at large still going along?

Propaganda is certainly one reason. Massive propaganda. Propaganda never talks about killing, about the thousands, millions of deaths wars bring about – no. Wars bring Peace and tranquility.

Globe and Mail 

Business Insider

Washington Post

Who Lies? Who Dies? Who Pays? Who Profits? Why Veterans Are Calling for Peace in Ukraine

People at large – the YOUs and the MEs – we want a quiet, peaceful life in harmony, where our children can grow up without fear. And if the media tell them, this WAR is for Peace – after this war there are no more wars, this is the war of all wars, leading to PEACE, their wish for peace is so immense, so deep. They believe it.

So, once more they tolerate the misery, the indiscriminate killing, bombing of humans. Our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered in the name of Peace.


Take the Zionists for example. They are convinced to be the Chosen People. They have captured Israel, way before Israel was created on stolen Palestinian land – the story has been recorded ad nauseambut not by the mainstream media – to become the Greater Israel in control of most of the Middle Eastern natural resources, predominantly oil and gas.

See thisthis and this.

Alternatively, will Peace look the other way? See this.


Peace will call for War to protect its integrity. The God of Zion, Yahweh, the God of Israel, will overcome us all – in the Name of Peace. He is part of the “Chosenness” of the People of Zion.

Therefore, Iran must go too. They are the stumbling block to Peace. Muslims and gentiles, who do not bend to Zion, are enemies of Peace.

Once they, the omni-present Zionists, have reached that goal, PEACE for all, they and the (Western) world will live in Peace. Because Zionist-Israel will peacefully reign over good and evil – and distribute life-economy sustaining energy to the world as they see fit.

Before reaching this noble goal – Peace for All, massive killing and slaughtering is necessary in the name of Peace, supported by the warrior leaders for Peace, called the United States and Europe.

Peace be with us. Peace is the objective of War.

Peace costs money. The United States has within the last two years allocated about $200 billion for Peace, supplying Ukraine with weaponry and cash so they can fight and kill for Peace. This is money from the taxpayers, from the very people who only want Peace, for living in Peace.

They are not saying NO to the allocation of their money for killing to eventually live in Peace. Killing and atrocities are intermediary stages for Peace.

The US Congress has just allocated another $95 billion to Ukraine and Israel – to continue killing themselves and each other into the final stages of Peace. Still, people in the name of Peace do not say NO, as in NO, do not give our money for slaughtering more people, they may hope Peace will come and engulf them all.

Otherwise, it is not fathomable that they let their money being transferred into guns and tanks and bombs – so they may kill – working towards Peace.

The final eternal Peace.

We all want Peace.

But we know Peace does not come without war, so we are told and so we believe – for generations after generations, after generations. For societies after societies, after ever more societies; and ultimately, for civilizations, after civilizations, after endless civilizations – war will bring Peace. It has always been that way. And it will stay that way, as long as humanity exists.

Unless humanity breaks some rules, seeing Peace not as the result of wars, but as an end in itself. Forget it. That would be a dream. Warriors for Peace do not dream.

Rules must be followed. So we are told. And we MUST believe. We, the People, MUST always believe the higher echelons, our leaders, because we elected them, we gave them our trust, we delegated them our authority, and now we must give them our money, so they will lead us to Peace via wars.


The US government has made its choice in favor of war, siding with evil and supporting fascism, the Russian Ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, recently said. He commented on the latest massive American military aid package for Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden just signed a $95 billion foreign aid package, including $61 billion for Ukraine and some $26 billion for Israel and $8 billion for Taiwan. The US Congress voted overwhelmingly for the $61 billion for Ukraine as Peace in this part of the world is of high priority.

And not to be shamed, Congress also voted an additional $9 billion for humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza and other war zones. Of course, humanitarian aid is the grease that lubricates first war and then Peace.

Biden added that within hours the US will send weapons and military equipment to Ukraine. Most likely they will do the same for Israel. Maybe for Taiwan too. Because war with Taiwan over China can turn the world around – into a huge camp of Peace.

What the Russian Ambassador got wrong is that these are not weapons of evil, but weapons for Peace.

For heaven’s sake, they are not weapons of mass destruction, they are weapons for building true Peace.

Both Ukraine and Zionist Israel are shooting, bombing, ravaging, and killing their way to Peace.

If this puts the world on the brink of a direct clash between nuclear powers, it means that a final mushroom cloud, or several of them, may bring final Peace to the world. Just in case, if there is no other way to Peace, nuclear may be the way.

See this and this.

We must never forget, no matter how much killing, slaughtering, burning, destruction war MUST bring to finally reach Peace – it is all worth it. Because this rotting, warrying world must be destroyed to be rebuilt in PEACE. No worries, BlackRock is there to help.

And rebuilt it will be, by all those who generously plan war for Peace – but for the safety of future Peace, they stay clear of war. Of course, who else would rebuild the world into Peace, if not the thinkers and shakers of this world?

Those who finance wars, the military-industrial-complex, the BlackRock’s, et al, they know it. That is why they finance wars. They will never stand in the way of wars, nor in the front line of wars, but they are ready to rebuild the devastated world into a glowing new world of Peace.

The world needs these people, generous thinkers of Peace for humanity.

They know what they are doing. We must believe them and support their efforts, equally generously with our tax money. Nothing is more important than war and killing for Peace.

And yes, before it’s forgotten or overseen, let us remember that the Biden Administration sacrifices the lives of ordinary people for the insatiable but generous war industry which helps us find the way towards Peace.

All great Peace-loving nations must bring sacrifice, lest Peace may not prosper, nor prevail and last. We are talking about sustainable Peace.

People of this world, let us continue vouching for war as Peace is our ultimate goal. Our minds are strong. If we can make war – we must be able to see through the haze that war will make Peace.


Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020).

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